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Teaching the art of drag and mentoring enthusiastic students has been a unique challenge and distinct highlight of my recent career. My philosophy is that drag is a liberating and enlightening tool that can be used to explore gender in the practice of any performing artist. Everyone should try drag once (if they want to!)

Teaching Drag

01 Drag Comedy Course

 In 2019, I developed and taught a 6-week curriculum to comedy students interested in learning the art of drag for the Brooklyn Comedy Collective (BCC). The course covered drag history, performance styles, and makeup technique as each student crafted two original drag numbers to perform at a showcase performance.


I redesigned this curriculum into a 8-week course for the Focus Theater in Rochester, NY in early 2023. 

02 Drag 101: Releasing Your Inner Drag Queen


This one-day workshop was designed for, intended for drag fans who wanted to channel their inner drag queen. I led students in exercises surrounding drag names, history, and performance styles during an interactive and fun-filled 3-hour class.

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